“We are more than just a soapmaker - we are your partner !”

  Our experience on the French and international markets enables us to:
• guide you on current and future trends
• advise you on your strategic decisions

  Research and Development:
  To support your products, our teams work on developing:
• Formulas: research into ingredients based on customer requirements; access to a combinatorial library of fragrances; compliance with regulatory constraints and expert bodies.
• Packaging: proposals with regard to materials, shapes, colour schemes, graphics, ergonomics and ease-of-use.

  Support for entering the market:
  Savonnerie De l’Atlantique ensures national and international regulatory safety:
obtaining endorsement of regulatory documents; development of specifications; samples deposited at anti-poison centres; obtaining endorsement of European cosmetics reports, etc.

  Traceability and logistics;
  We are committed to the latest regulatory requirements through strict control of the entire traceability chain, including:
• The EAN 128 traceability system
• Trace One, the computerized traceability system aimed at Distribution networks
• EDI software for electronic ordering
• Electronic packing lists

  Commercial and sales administration support:
  The Commercial and Sales Administration departments at Savonnerie De l’Atlantique provide:
• Support adapted to your administration management
• Commercial monitoring and sales statistics